Epo Decor is made up of any type of paint in our product range with resin on top.
Galaxy has a special pigment that gives a shimmery effect. It is washable/water-resistant.
Linol are the gel-like speckles that could be spread out with a spatula if desired. It gives an antique, classic effect.
This is a combination of two types of decorative paint: Marmorino and Stucco. The pattern was achieved using a stencil as the paint is applied. Any pattern is possible and the paint is scratch-resistant, water-resistant and durable than wallpaper.
Palmyra gives off an elegant rough finish with the design of the strokes depending on what is desired.
Sand has a satin matte effect and this type has an additional glitter on it.
Seta has a silk effect finish.
Stucco grassello has a glossy appearance and the shades of the strokes on how it was applied are prominent giving out an elegant vintage finish.

We manufacture different types of decorative paints to give beautiful special effect on walls and even the floor.