Hi there,

I’m Iris, a 26 year old wood designer. I’ve designed an all-natural, handmade and uniquely refined collection of wooden dildos called Dee Lee Doo. I’ll be launching my crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo on Monday, 4th November with a goal of $10,000 to help me establish my own workshop and continue work as a designer of organic bedroom accessories.

I believe that the industry is missing an aesthetic and 100% natural sex toy. To gain exposure, establish a community and achieve my goal I want to tell everyone about Dee Lee Doo and for that I need you help.

I’ve prepared a comprehensive press kit with all the relevant materials to make your job a bit easier 🙂

Indiegogo campaign: http://www.igg.me/at/DeeLeeDoo

Press: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0b8fujmdutv8gr2/3DhmHeKz3f
Web: http://www.deeleedoo.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DeeLeeDoo

Thank you and kind regards,