Define Bottle - a new eco-chic fruit infused water bottle to take on the go

The Define Bottle came into existence when 13-year-old Carter saw a solution to a problem. Every day, Carter would watch his mother cut up fruits and put them in a large pitcher, add water and place it in the refrigerator. The entire family enjoyed drinking fruit infused water while they were at home.  However, when the family left the house they would either grab a soda, juice box or plain water in a non-sustainable bottle.  This made Carter think how he could make fresh fruit infused water portable so people with an active lifestyle would have a healthy, sustainable way to hydrate while on the go.  He made some sketches and pitched the idea to his family who fully supported the idea. These first sketches along with the help of an industrial design team based in Los Angeles, CA, were later developed into the beautifully crafted Define Bottle Classic and Define Bottle Sport.

Carter has become passionate about working with foundations and schools to focus on the fight against childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. His belief is that we can take better control of our health by giving our bodies something that is natural, healthy and refreshing to drink and at the same time protect our planet.

The Define Bottle was proudly debuted at the 2013 Clinton Foundation Health Matters Conference where 550 bottles were donated for attendees to receive. Carter is a proud supporter of The Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Childhood Obesity Initiative and will donate a portion of proceeds to this cause.

The Define Bottle has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Young Entrepreneur, Fortune and multiple health journals around the world.

The Define Bottle is ready to launch in April 20123