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Dematerialized coffee tables

FAILED%20(Temporary%20file%20could%20not%20be%20copied.) photo by Ani Svanidze photo by Ani Svanidze FAILED%20(Temporary%20file%20could%20not%20be%20copied.) photo by Ani Svanidze

The Georgian designer Ia Kutateladze created new product collection called dematerialization. The collection was presented at SaloneSatellite 2014.The collection mainly focuses on study of different materials in close contact with each other, refined artisan woodworking contrasted with easy, simple and cheap materials. The designer tried to form the clash of materials in one product, creating vivid contrast that questions the controversies:elaborated or easy, recycled or wasted, effortless or intricate. The investigation of the psychological process of wanting vs. needing, do we need the endless universe of various common objects, or do we just crave them.

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