Feiz Design Studio for Denon:

Denon Cocoon, Wireless High Fidelity.

In it’s latest collaboration, Feiz Design Studio has designed the new Cocoon range for Denon. Composed of a high performance ‘Home’ version and the smaller ‘Portable’ version with long-life rechargeable batteries. The Cocoon range of wireless sound systems are the embodiment of world renowned Denon Sound coupled with an iconic design language.

It’s form is very much inspired by the inner function of the object, similar to the approach taken by Constantin Brancusi or Anish Kapoor in the quest for the essence. The pure and expressive sculptural design incorporates an acoustically sealed chamber ensuring 100 watts of powerful room filling stereo sound performance. Easily integrating within your wireless home network by a single press of a button, both Cocoon’s support wireless (WiFi) audio streaming from all mobile platforms (AirPlay for Apple iOS devices and DLNA for Android and Windows Phones), giving ultimate choice and freedom to the consumer regardless of media preference, a truly open-ended eco system. The convenient docking system with a dampened retracting mechanism and integrated display opens up exposing connectors to play music and charge iDevices and retracts when not needed, for example, when devices are used via WiFi or with an USB connector. This ensures a beautiful and clean solution no matter what content or device you are using. Truly seamless.