Located in a prime neighborhood in Beirut, a parking spot for a residential building was converted into a pastry shop. Designed by Studio Etienne Bas, the 20 sqm contemporary shop is the flagship store for the brand “Des Choux et Des Idees”.

Integrating the retail and the street experience, the architect uses an “urban mirror” to reflect the pastries for passersby. Over the course of the day, the urban mirror gradually changes its positioning with a manual process reflecting passersby instead of merchandise. The different reflections based on opening hours aim at extending the street into the store and vice versa.

The store, a monochromatic space, brings together mainly different white textures and materials. The latter concept reflects the layering of pastries served by the store.

The circulation in the shop revolves around a central structure that inhabits the main display fridge, the cashier, a storage space, the urban mirror as well as indirect lighting for the unit. The structure is entirely composed of a 2cm steel structure white painted profile.

Architect in Charge: Etienne Bastormagi | Dana Muhsen
Intern: Lucile Abi Chebl
Architectural Photography: Wissam Chaaya


Exterior view of the pastry

interior view of the monochromatic space

frontal view of the central structure

interior view of the monochromatic space

the enlightened central structure showing the display fridge

The display fridge in the central structure showing the urban mirror reflecting the fridge

exterior view from the street during daylight

the plan of the new space

a section showing the new space of the pastry

a general axonometric view of the pastry