Ekoportal 2035 is a project on the initiative of Swedish forest industries federation (Skogsindustrierna) to explore the scope of use for cellulose in the near future. The design studio Tomorrow Machine has developed products using cutting edge technology together with the latest findings in cellulose-research.

What will the future bring? How will materials from our forests be used in 20 years? These were the questions asked by the Swedish forest industries federation (Skogsindustrierna) when requesting the design studio Tomorrow Machine and the research company Innventia to design and develop three different products for the year of 2035. This resulted in Ekoportal 2035, a series of cellulose based products developed by using the innovative technology of today.

The first items are self-cleaning plates and cups made ??entirely out of cellulose. The products have a superhydrofobic coating which rejects fluids and dirt, similar to the lotus leaf. The result? – No more dishes. A product that not only saves resources during the manufacturing process, but also over its full life-cycle, not requiring water and chemicals to be kept clean.

Would it be possible to create flexible objects that can build and even destroy themselves? The second item is made of a cellulose-based plastic that is possible to use for 3D print. Using 3D technology, it will be possible to print self-assembling objects – even buildings with this cellulose composite.

The transparent digital touch screen is made from nano-cellulose, a material optimal to use in conjunction with electronics, because of its conductive qualities. The screen is transparent and can be placed in front of objects to explore or photograph them.

Tomorrow Machine is a Swedish design studio based out of Stockholm & Paris. Our vision as designers is to build a better world through research, new technologies & intelligent material. We believe in looking at science from a creative point of view to shape the innovations of tomorrow.