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Esther van den Berg


A lot has been said about the creative buzzing city of Amsterdam. This Multi-cultural capital with its growing number of creative entrepreneurs is known 
for its creative, innovative spirit. All this is evidently visible from its sheer number of design events, designer shops, coffee joint and hipsterville restaurants.  
A cozy little place which can be seen as one of the latest ambassadors of funky Amsterdam is “Marits Huiskamer restaurant”. A hidden food gem in the 
upcoming Amsterdam East area, the so-called Brooklyn area of Amsterdam.  Marits Home Cooking restaurant is the brainchild of Marit Beemster, designer 
and vegetarian food enthusiast, who believes that preparation, presentation, taste as well as health are all essential. 

Marit opened her restaurant during the fall of 2011 after having worked for many years as a fashion designer for companies like Tommy Hilfiger. Now 
she runs her own stylish home cooking restaurant, nested in a beautiful living room decorated with vintage furniture and mid-century charm.

In short, Marit prepares meals without fish or meat, but with love and care and the utmost attention to presentation. The concept of Marit’s is quite 
beautiful in its simplicity: delicious and beautifully garnished (and mostly locally sourced and organic) vegetarian food in a 3-course menu. Friendly 
service comes in an intimate atmosphere (it’s her living room after all).  
Marits Home Cooking restaurant is all about finding pleasure in healthy eating in a stylized and appealing environment where every detail is consciously 
conceived. Marit just happen to be one of the few people who knows perfectly well how to mingle design and interior in one gorgeous package.

Andreas Bonn straat 34-h
1091 BA Amsterdam
On Thu-Fri-Sa from 18.00 hrs  
Reservations: +31 (0)20-7763864

To download high-res press images, please go to: http://www.maritshuiskamerrestaurant.nl and click on the red ‘media files’ button. 
This link provides a ZIP file containing several press images. For more information or additional high-res press images please contact: info@maritshuiskamerrestaurant.nl.