Latest news: The Hague, The Netherlands – Designer Boudewijn Roest won today an iF design Award 2012 for his design of the Lugg basin for the bathroom brand Botinger & Roi.
Underneath the official text that belongs to the basin:

A new basin that can be customized. The basin itself is available in white and grey. This can be combined with a ring in different colors and finishes. As shown on the pictures it is also possible to combine the basin with a stainless steel or wooden (oak) ring. For the free standing version there are several colors of the column available. With all these possibilities the user can create his own basin combination. Another advantage is the possibility to change the ring after a few years to create a new look in the bathroom. The basin doesn ?t have to be replaced. This saves money and it‘s good for the environment.

Some photo’s of the basin and the designer are attached.