Sydney_Design by Odoardo Fioravanti
Coquelicot_Design by Giorgio Biscaro
Bern_Design by Odoardo Fioravanti
Pineapple_Design by Giorgio Biscaro

Maison 203 presents the new 3D printed accessories collection together with new collaborations-

Maison 203 made its first appearance during the last edition of Maison&Objet Paris with the launch of the first collection of accessories/jewellery called MYBF (My Best Friend). Here it is, just eight months away, participating once again to this event with an enriched collection, the result of new and interesting collaborations.
Different inspirations for each product and different perspectives from each designer, yet all characterized by the same technology, distinguishing trademark of Maison 203.
The entire collection is produced with the 3D printing technology, which makes it possible to create 3D objects by simply sending to print a digital file. The materials used are nylon and metal: the first one being very light yet strong and flexible.

Four new products are the result of an intense collaboration between Maison 203 and two designers: Giorgio Biscaro, designer and Art Director of the historic lighting brand FontanArte and Odoardo Fioravanti, well known designer winner of the famous Compasso d’Oro in 2011.
“We decided to start a collaboration with Odoardo and Giorgio because we felt the need to start a new project with professional designers that could interpret this technology with their great cultural background.” – Says Orlando Fernandez Flores, designer of the entire MYBF collection and founder, together with wife Lucia De Conti, of the brand Maison 203. “We were eager to see how two qualified designers that have worked with many important companies before us, would use the qualities of this technology to design objects with a new different vision”.
Pineapple (design by Giorgio Biscaro 2013): the inspiration behind this pendant earring is the carving of pineapples in the island of Tahiti. In the Papeete Flower Market pineapples are deprived of all hard parts by a spiral cut along the whole surface of the fruit. The result is just like this earring, emptied inside to create an overlapping of lines that make it look richer yet lighter for the ear.
Coquelicot (design by Giorgio Biscaro 2013 ) a clear reference to graphic geometries of the’70. The 3D printing technology is here enhanced by giving depth to this bidimensional graphic. The result is an earring that reminds us of the poetic image of Coquelicot – French for poppies – moved by the wind. The front view is very rich while the outline “corolle” is reduced to a very thin layer almost to underlay the bidimensional development of petals.
Bern (design by Odoardo Fioravanti 2013) is a ring designed for men. Inspired by the map of the Swiss city seen from above. A series of curved lamellas runs through the top part of the ring creating an articulate precious surface.
Sydney (design by Odoardo Fioravanti 2013) clearly inspired by the Sydney Opera House it’s a nice three-dimensional overlapping of arcs that holds another series of arcs inside creating a rich design. A small firework to wear on your finger enriched by the new fading colouring finish that makes it look alive.
The entire collection designed for Maison 203 will be presented during Maison&Objet in Paris 6-10 September 2013 and straight after during London Design Festival 14-22 September 2013 at Do Shop in Covent Garden, two of the most important International Events for all design professionals around the world.