designfever's 2013 Smart TV AR Simulator created for Samsung allows users to view Smart TV models in their personal space
No special AR markers are required with the Android application
3D animations amaze the users as they wait for the AR rendering of the Samsung Smart TV in their living space
Users can easily view the specifics of each model they want to 'test out' in their home.
Using SNS Channels like Facebook and Twitter, users are able to share the models they have selected with their friends
Videos highlighting the amazing features of the 2013 Smart TVs are able to be viewed in the application itself!

designfever’s 2013 Smart TV AR Simulator created for Samsung.

The concept is simple: Seeing is believing! designfever set out to create Samsung’s 2013 Smart TV AR Simulator in a way that could let users display Smart TVs in their home through the use of AR technology and their mobile device. The goal was to have as many people enjoy the application as possible, offering a more convenient experience by not relying on AR markers to create the product simulations.

The inclusion of AR technology allows the user to get a hyper realistic vision of how different Smart TV models will fit in their personal spaces. The UI was designed for simple operation across multiple android devices, providing clear visuals to let users immerse themselves in the AR experience. Simulations also include 3D motion elements that immediately grab people’s attention. Social network plugins allow users to share their unique experiences with friends.

The application provides such a high quality of AR, giving the users the feeling that an actual Smart TV has been installed in their space. Users can use their smart device to capture their simulated Smart TV, sharing with friends via email and major SNS channels like Facebook and Twitter.

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