Intro Screen
The AC Matching Program is designed to best suit the individual user
Users input their personal information to create a simulation of their own environment to help better select an AC unit
12 variables, such as roof style, ensure the user is presented with an option for AC that matches their lifestyle

At the end of the program, users are presented with 2 or more AC models that best suit their needs!

designfever’s AC Matching Program microsite created for Samsung

Proper visuals are more effective than a description using hundreds of words. designfever worked with Samsung to create an interactive flash-based program that helps potential customers find the air conditioning model that fits their space. Users input 12 variables such as house type, room size, and ceiling height to be matched with appropriate models for purchase. With a fun and intuitive UI, users are compelled to complete the program, resulting in a willingness to listen to Samsung’s recommendation.

Inspired by 16-bit video games of the past, we utilized Flash to create a user interface that would capture the attention of users. The delicate illustrations add to the user’s level of interest, providing a sense of humor as they remain animated throughout the program. When users are shown models recommended based on their lifestyle, simple illustrations and icons help them easily understand the functions of the products intended for them.

Originally produced to target a single country, the success of the original campaign had such a positive response that additional regions and languages were applied to the program to better suit potential users. People quickly responded to the game-like quality of the program as they progressed through the 12 levels, seeing immediate results as they input their personal information.