An inspiration for a desk were school desks used in 1960’s in USA. Desk is made for a home usage. It has installed two separately opening, lightweight tabletops. Right side of a tabletop is intended for a storage of often used, smaller objects, while left side is for rarely used, large objects. Space underneath the tabletops can be used as storage space, similarly to the school desks, which have space underneath to contain handbooks. Under the top tabletop could be placed a scanner or phone charger. To facilitate usage of electronic devices, in the back wall there are holes for cables. Surface under the tabletops is for objects that are not used at the moment – but hiding them, we are gaining an additional working space.Under the tabletops there are placed cork sheets, which can serve as notice boards. Tabletops are placed in a metal frame 3mm thick. In the inside part of a frame there is placed an imperceptible hinge. From the sides, tabletops are attached by screws, which are securing the whole construction in the frame. Metal frame is sliding into the bottom tabletop and is screwed from below. Desk is made of separate components, which are easily assembled.