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corridor - pdr
pdr - corridor

Nordic Bros. Design Community completed a design and build project for the centrally located dessert cafe pied in the city of Seoul,
with in Hannam-dong Youngsan-gu; a district generally filled with fashion designers and people a like. dessert cafe pied is a joint
business venture between the renowned Patissier Heejoo Song and a high profile musician. Accordingly to Song, the cafe
is a platform to showcase their wealth of experience accrued during their world travels and journey of food discovery ? ideas
and aesthetics they have encountered over the years.

The streetscape of Hannam and the unique cross-cultural character of the surroundings inspired the concept of the cafe. Drawing
on this inspiration, the designers at Nordic Bros. Design Community have devised an intricate yet simple composition based on the
circulation flow principles by unitng two isolated rooms into one open plan area, which is visibly inviting on the street level.
In addition, the interior layout is based around a courtyard “?” arrangement which provides a range of services including a lounge,
bar, hall and private dining room.

Each area is carefully furnished, accessorised in harmony with its function as well as the use of sepia, ivory cream and warm grey
colour tones. ‘pied’ means ‘Foot’ in French and in French patisserie terminology, it signifies the ruffle part of the macaron.
Drawing on the central ethos dessert cafe pied welcomes its cafe-visiting enthusiasts by offering a unique patisserie experience as a
relaxing destination, serving high quality macarons, cakes, coffee and homemade drinks.

design : Nordic Bros. Design Community / shin yong-hwan
constructior : Nordic Bros. Design Community
Graphic : lee kwang-moo

location : 683-47, hannam-dong, yongsan-gu, seoul, korea
use : dessert cafe
size : 70 sqm

design period : 2013.8 – 2013.9
Construction Period : 2913.9 – 2013.10

floor : tile, bolon
wall : lacq painting, frost glass, tile
ceiling : lacq painting