This project was undertaken as a part of 4 week summer internship at Khamir, Kutch, Gujarat working closely with the artisans at Reha village. Sandcasting and forging were the methods practised for knifemaking which is the primary occupation of artisans at Reha. The idea to design flatwares was to imply the already practiced art of Sand casting /forging and yet adding value by paying attention to details together offering a sellable and rich product for both the artisans and the consumers.

The design would provide the artisan an opportunity to work on details and craft a product that highlights the ability and workmanship that goes in the making of the product. The material choice was restricted to brass to impart richness of the color and shine when in time and adding on to the richness with the oxidized look years after it is put to use. The designs choices were made keeping in mind the details that when changed slightly affects and renders a different product all together allowing artisans to try explorations.


Flatwares - Truly Flat!


Making with the artisan

Handmade from Kutch, Gujrat, they exhibit the exquisiteness of the material - Brass

The cutlery set consists of a spoon, a fork and knife for your desserts!

Cutlery set TWO

Making with the artisan

A closer look