Di-Fusion detail // Allegory.ch
Di-Fusion experience process // Allegory.ch
Di-Fusion experience detail // Allegory.ch
Di-Fusion experience detail // Allegory.ch
Di-Fusion scents // Allegory.ch
Di-Fusion detail // Allegory.ch
Di-Fusion scenography // Allegory.ch
Di-Fusion scenography // Allegory.ch


Luxury is all about the story behind a product, the know-how and the expertise, thus perfumes are ultimate luxury goods and are the result of the Perfumer’s unique know-how.
For his MAS Luxury graduation project at Lausanne’s ECAL, Albert Schrurs – Allegory sarl – chose to work on a project related to this field of expertise.

Di-Fusion is a research project which celebrates the perfumer’s universe and techniques. Perfumers usually create a fragrance by combining chemical components together into a very well kept secret formula.
As the sense of smelling is the one capable of archiving our oldest memories, the perfumer’s are mostly inspired by what they have smelled before, whether it is their environment, their daily life, their childhood experiences depends on each individual.
However memories are quite general, one remembers the smell of a forest or a bouquet, but these smell do not really exist, they are the result of a fusion of individual smells in the air, which create together a new smell.
This smell can be perceived slightly differently by every one depending on their own experience.

Di-Fusion is a project allowing to fuse individual smells in the air. One will first be able to smell two scents on paper blotters (traditional method used by the perfumers to smell in the laboratories).
The two blotters are then easily inserted on the object. And by turning it on, they start brassing an air perfumed by both of them. The two smells fuse together and create a new combination.

Although ay two smells could fuse together, for his graduation project, Albert Schrurs – Architect and Designer – developed with a Perfumer a serie of 5 “natural” scents and 5 “man-made” scents, in order to create olfactive contrasts, related to both his and her field of expertise.

asphalt x fresh grass
gasoline x pinetree
leather x apple
metal x rose
rubber x raspberry

The project is very interactive. It has been exhibited in the ECAL and during the 2011 Geneva Design Days.