Graphic novel
Dialogues on an aging existence
By Glenn Thomas

Plantage Press presents a new book by Glenn Thomas: Dialogues on an Aging Existence. A graphic novel. This book is printed in a signed and numbered edition of 600 copies.

About Glenn Thomas
Glenn Thomas (New Jersey, 1944) Has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 1970. Dialogues on an Aging Existence is his fourth book. Along with his autobiographical The Painting (Plantage Press, 2008) he has published two projects with the writer Paul Auster. In The Inner Life of Martin Frost (Mark Batty Publisher, 2008) a text from Auster’s The Book of Illusions is combined in an innovative typographical way with 30 drawings.
My mouth is tired now: Peter Stillman’s monologue is a portfolio of eight silkscreen prints combining drawings with a text from The New York Trilogy?–?The City of Glass.

About the Book
Dialogues on an aging existence is hard bound with a center stitch containing 16 pages
Price: € 20
Size 180 x 246 mm (7 1?16 x 9 1?2 inches)
Printed in 2 colors
ISBN 9789081327305 / NUR 363

The critics on earlier publications of Glenn Thomas and the Plantage Press:
Paul Auster and Glenn Thomas’ The Inner Life of Martin Frost:
Pieter Steinz (NRC Handelsblad): ‘[…] with some thirty black and white drawings impressive as well as claustrophobic […].’

Fred Shawker (DTG Magazine, New York): ‘I believe this will, some day, be a collector’s book?–?and will certainly go down in history as one of the ground-breaking designs of this decade?–?perhaps the millennium.’

Lev Lunc’s Uitgaand schrijven nr. 37:
Arjan Peters (de Volkskrant): The booklet exhibits an enormous respect for the paper, by the sublime design, linen back, and
lino-cuts. I could have known: this paper is inspired. […] My first Lev Lunc gets a place of honor in the book case.’

About the Plantage Press
Puntspatie [bno] Graphic Design publishes unique books under the name Plantage Press.
Dialogues on an aging existence is printed in a signed and numbered edition of 600 copies and was produced with the close cooperation of:
Glenn Thomas
Michiel Hofmans (Image Degree Zero)
Tina Sergi
Arie Lenoir (printer Lenoirschuring)

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