The contrast between the legs and the plan for both the form and finish are the central point of the object.
The legs are extruded diamond, giving the object volume and presence.
The plan, by contrast, is linear and thin.
The contrasting finishes will increase even more the effect, lacquered surface for the legs, matte surface for the plan.

Diamond table is made of two different materials.
The top is made of mdf with a panel of 35 mm, while the legs are made of solid wood Toulipiè turned.
The corners of the top are shaped to be perfectly embedded in the shape of the legs.
Two different materials for the structure and two different finishes for the touch:
color ral 9005 jet black, matte version for the plan and ultra glossy to the legs.
The table is completely removable thanks to the systems studied: the legs are fixed to the top of the table with an internal screw without end and an iron ring. It is a table with fixed measure, is 160x110cm.

In collaboration with Baldo Tavoli for the Confronti project at “Abitare il Tempo 2011”.