Blue Gradient Tableclothing in its context - Oaxaca-
Blue Gradient Tableclothing
Half and Half Tableclothing in its context - Oaxaca -
Half and Half Tableclothing
Black Gradient Tableclothing
Detail of Diario fabrics
Detail of Diario table clothing
José craftsman from Oaxaca
Pedal Loom detail

Diario is a project that search for everyday objects from all around Mexico.
Mexico has a lot of tradition in making fabrics and that is why I decide to travel to Oaxaca, there I met Felipe and José, they are two of four brothers that has the business of making fabrics since they were kids, I met them in their workshop in a lonely neighborhood
“Felipe showed me how the machine works, the limitations of them, the colors they have, the type of object they make, I think there is a good chance for rethinking and to produce a lot of beautiful fabrics with them. The excess of colors and combinations of them is notorious in their actual products.”
Is amazing how people paint their houses in Oaxaca, people is not afraid of color.
This fabric collection was inspired by Oaxaca’s context, the sky, typical costumes and how the houses are painted with two beautiful colors in their facades.
The collaboration between the two craftsmen and Diario end with the creation of a small collection of tableclothing and napkins.