Objects of Diario
Fabrics in its context - Oaxaca
Blue Gradient Tableclothing
Tableclothing matching with the context of Oaxaca
Red Clay Tools in San Marcos Tlapazola
Adapting red clay pieces
Red clay serving plate
Andres the silver maker of Taxco
Napkin Rings
Stripe Napkin ring and half and half napkin

Everyday objects from Mexico.

Diario, Spanish word for diary and everyday, is a brand that searches, recollects and redesigns unique and everyday objects from the place I come from: Mexico.
Diario is a social, cultural, curatorial and design project of Mexican objects. I am traveling around Mexico looking and understanding the stories behind those objects and at the same time I rediscover places, people, materials, techniques, textures and colors.
This project started as the master diploma of Moisés Hernández at Ecal in Lausanne, Switzerland and was developed in three different and contrasting towns in Mexico, the curatorial exercise will continue while Diario continues traveling, redesigning and adapting more objects and techniques that are popular among Mexicans.
Fabrics, ceramics and silver give shape to the first collection of Diario that started with an adventure of 40 days in Mexico searching, curating and rediscovering traditional handcraft techniques.
The objects of Diario respect traditions but they are also simplified from their original versions, leaving and exhalting the characteristics that make them Mexicans but in a more contemporary way.