D-Olimpo, RGB, Antivirus, The Messenger and Meatamorphosis are latest works of Solimán López developed during the art residency in Greece last summer.
Create an Accident, an athens art platform, selected the project called Re-set to be shown in Mercouri Estate, a nature place at the southern of the Peloponeso Coast.
Re -SET project in which the origins of digital
communication, the classical world and of course the figure of the human body and its relationship with technology, are the axes back into his
main job. The titles of the series within Re -SET are , “The messenger“ , a series of photographs and video performances with television as a high
benchmark for digital communication, RGB, a series of images of vehicles through augmented reality links to content “uncensored“ and talks about
Internet censorship, D – Olympus , a compilation of 3D images mixed with photographs of columns of the city of Olympia showing the arrival of
some digital gods to the mentioned city, Antivirus, which the artist develops a performance that simulates Internet fumigation and cleaning which
is represented by an old house reminiscent of the past, and finally Meatamorphosis, a photo studio where through a still life of decaying flesh and
a television, idisplayed the Ovid´s Edges, to which is added the digital, closing balance so intense work residence.

Artist is now preparing a solo exhibition in Punto Gallery, Valencia and goes to many important art center like CAC Málaga or Matadero Madrid, in Spain with a serie of performance like Gutenberg Discontinuity or Technometries.