D-Line Desk
D-Line Desk
D-Line Desk
D-Line Console
D-Line Console
D-Line MirrorShelf
D-Line Console & MirrorShelf
D_Line MirrorSelf Positions

D-Line series examines the dialogue of angle and circle, line and plane, and the resulting
geometric distortion and motion. Relevant to each piece is the creation of a canvas of static
versus dynamic forces, examining void and materiality, which rhythmically plays with shaping
space and the manner in which it is discerned.

Energy & Repose / Tranquility & Excitement… D-Line embodies principles of balance, harmony
and rhythm creating a dynamic equilibrium between sculptural aspects and conventions of

Presented by Design Gallery Milano at Ventura Lambrate 2013

at the SIMPLEXITY Exhibition

“SIMPLEXITY is a furniture and objects collection, which synthetizes the
relationship between complexity and simplicity. Simplified forms from
elaborated and complex content are put in contraposition to projects
where the complexity of forms is mediated by simple everyday usability.
SIMPLEXITY presents itself as a metaphor of our contemporaneity”.

Via Massimiano 25,
Zona Ventura Lambrate
20134 Milano, Italy

April 9 – 14
Gallery opening hours 10 am-8 pm