The legendary Milanese Outlet store, DMagazine Outlet, has reopened at Via Manzoni 44, its new prestigious location in the core of the Milanese fashion headquarters.
This new store has a new face, refined like the finest “boutiques”, its space has been entirely projected to dispose the high end clothing items as in an archive of luxury.
The almost 3800 sq ft space, has been projected following the idea of continuity between décor and structure, the deep grey of the walls matches the lighter grey of the concrete floor, all linked by lines of light.
Never before an outlet store had been conceived with such attention to details: the specificity of the colors chosen, and the matching of materials, wood, glass and steal, expressly treated and modified for the purpose.
The placement of the custom made furniture creates a linear path between the store’s three main areas, which are also linked together by the same colors pattern.
At the entrance, the two big floor to ceiling tube-shaped steal installations, guide towards the core of the store where two big skylights let natural light in.
The cashier area, with the imposing etched brass cashier, is also the area where shoes and accessories are disposed separately, each lit by Led lights.

DMAGAZINE Outlet – Via Manzoni 44, Milano – dmagazine.it