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DNA2Art (www.dna2art.com) takes human uniqueness to a whole new level by enabling visualization of one’s personal DNA. DNA based art is a great way to show the beauty of your genes. Imagine the beautiful stripes of your DNA displayed on canvas in your living room or as a colorful wallpaper in the bedroom – possibilities are endless.

DNA2Art is extraordinary because of the following:

– We enable creating DNA art from already existing DNA test results by reverse engineering real-life laboratory testing to deliver authentic DNA art. As using DNA testing service providers is becoming more and more popular, DNA2Art is offering a great opportunity to utilize the test report for creating a personal art piece. Having your own data makes ordering faster and it grants a discount of 50EUR. You can find more information on the ‘Already have DNA data?’ page at www.dna2art.com.

– We tell you in a short and entertaining report what genes are displayed on your DNA art. Read more about the DNA2Info add-on under Our Products.

– In addition, we have a special offer of 99 EUR for high-quality print ready digital file when you order DNA art with your existing DNA data. Instructions can be found on the ‘Already have DNA data?’ page.

The process of getting your personal DNA art works in the following way: place an order online, you are sent a DNA collection kit for taking your DNA sample, the sample goes back to the laboratory for testing. Based on the results an art piece is created and delivered.

DNA2Art is an innovative team coming up with new ways for visualizing DNA and also trying to have an educational value to it. Please contact me at yourstory@dna2art.com if the above information is of interest to you.