Light up your living space!
In Any way you wish


We are contacting you to see if you are interested in writing about an up-and-coming product that will change the way we light up your space.

Imagine a light in your living space that is a light sculpture which can be re-shaped as you
desire. Imagine it doubles as a functional desk lamp, a bedside light, can also be ported for
outdoor activities, and even for emergencies during a power outage!

Imagine Dodecado.

“Dodecado?”, you ask. Dodecado is a take on dodecahedron, a solid with twelve pentagonal sides. A revolutionary invention of Montreal-based start-up, Ledamp Industries, Dodecado is a building block of light that lights up as you stack in any direction, thus creating a sculpture. The dodecahedron shape allows for flexibility and adaptability when molding your “work of art” giving you any amount of attaching possibilities that a non-spherical shape can provide.

Within each Dodecado is 1 Watt LED power whose lifetime can span 50,000 hours and has a
lumen output of 149 lm. The diffusive optical property of Dodecado allows for uniform light
distribution making it the perfect gadget for both decorative purposes within the home and for
functional purposes as a working lamp. Each side of Dodecado is magnetic which allows you
to stick it to one another. The patent pending design and technology makes this the first of its kind. Dodecado will launch mid-September on Kickstarter Canada. If you’re interested in finding out more about the product or about the team behind it, please feel free to give us a shout at (514)344-3737 or a quick e-mail at ganeya@ledamp.com.

Visit www.dodecado.com