Let there be Light
Decorate your living space with Light Scuptures
Take the light for a romantic stroll in the park
Shine a light on your bookshelf

Dodecado is an illuminated dodecahedron whose magnetic properties allow you to stick it onto any side of another Dodecado or any other magnetic surface. Each pentagonal side of the Dodecado allows for versatility and flexibility when fashioning your light sculpture. Your creation can then be used to light up any living space, study space, or areas of darkness that need to be lit.

In Summary,

1. Multipurpose Light – Dodecado are blocks of light that can stacked in any direction to form light sculptures like Desk lamp or Exciting Home decor lights.

2. Unique Design – If you just changed your decor at home or office and need a light to complement your new setup just rebuild the blocks of light.

3. Emergency Uses – Lights out or Power Outages no worries. the Dodecado Plus can be used as a mobile source of lighting in these dire situations. The Charge holds for 2.5hrs