I designed the identity, signage and packaging for bespoke clothing label Dope Qlassic, thought this would be good on your blog or maybe you’re interested in collaborating? Also you can check out some of my art http://www.instagram.com/labgraphik or more of my design work http://www.labgraphik.com

Direct link: http://labgraphik.com/folio/#/folio/portfolio/dopeqlassic/

About Dope Qlassic:
Dope Qlassic releases limited edition items in very small quantities. The ideology behind the brand is to supply consumers who are appreciators of good art with unique apparel which themselves are pieces of art rather than mass produced goods.

Attire connoisseurs aren’t a new breed, they’ve existed over decades – those who copped a piece of apparel not because it was worn by a fad starter or marked with a symbol that portrayed luxury but because it was designed dangerously well (aka it looked dope). If you snapped a photo of them in black and white you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was 1920 or 2020. Reason being, a quality piece is timeless and a timeless piece is a classic.

For more info http://www.dopeqlassic.com or to see more of my work: http://www.labgraphik.com