Design team Bent and Gable née doppelgänger, started as fashion designers in the 80’s and achieved international success. Kashiyama represents Bent, with her label Bent Boys, in NYC alongside the likes of Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabanna, Barbara Bui, and Tom Binns. Bent Boys was hand picked by Robert Duffy, the man behind Marc to this day, to join Kashiyama. Karen Gable, with her line Zapata, known for its impeccable fabrications, is a mix of French baroque, Japanese minimalism, and a touch of rock and roll. They sold internationally from Bendels in New York to Liberty of London. After a 10-year hiatus to raise their families, Bent and Gable are returning to the design world. This time around their focus will be on interior design, bringing their unique sensibilities to whole new sector.

Attached are photos of their most recent work.

Their most recent project was a restaurant on Dundas West, a trendy strip in Toronto, alongside other Canadian clothing and furniture designers. To create the illusion that this space has long existed, vintage elements such as reclaimed floors and retro tiles were installed. Simple peg boards with red and black lacquer serve as the backdrop to the bar. The girls hand painted and epoxied tables to resemble gym flooring. The benches were reclaimed from Society Hall, famed for housing the “Odd Fellows” group. Whimsical touches of staggering beauty, that could as easily grace the halls of a gallery, dot the space and add to the ambience of creativity and culinary adventure. Custom made hand blown glass light fixtures as well as over 3000 items from years of personal collecting are set into vintage letter trays and custom fit to the wall of a large black booth at the back of the restaurant. The hostess stand holds its own shire in a vintage jewel case, while the infinity mirrors at the back of the room are adorned with the prettiest vintage plastic flowers that repeat as far as the eye can see. All these elements come together to give the space a well-crafted and unique vibe that works in perfect harmony with the cuisine.

Even the trip to the washroom is nothing less than a trip! The halls are lined with 20”x14” blow ups of school portraits from a most awkward age, while a separate washroom sound system plays the best of Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Todd Rundgren etc. The walls lining the stairs have hand painted steps that evoke memories of high school without feeling kitschy.

Bent is the 5th restaurant the duo has tackled as well as consulting on product and other design initiatives.

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