This project propose a more intuitive reinterpretation of the origins of food packaging. Projecting thus, certain sensory values often have been forgotten in today’s society when designing a packaging.

The project started with a question: why the keys in the packaging is the opposite of a profound experience with the product?

There are the products designed in this project

EGG CUP: It is important to understand the environment in which animals live: whether eating well, if they have room to eat and move, if they play, if they are happy… Happy animals? Exactly! this will make the product quality is higher and these values ??must be reflected. What is sought in this project is that the user understands the context in which the animal lives, and from which that space has grown, generating a confidence value and quality for the product through the packaging.

Materials: Made with organic environment where lives next to the chicken, then have been compacted to create an eggcup

MILKMAID: This project was born with the premise that the packaging is closest to the user and his experimentation. It generates a packaging for milk, a natural product more attractive and encourages a close relationship with the packaging-user application of new materials.
Materials: made with plaster and then coated on the inside with a latex coating for waterproofing, and with a cork

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PACKAGING: This project becomes a transformation process of packaging of fruits and vegetables by the substitution of traditional materials by using natural papers (paper onion, garlic, egg shells and even mushrooms). Transmitting new added value to the product you intend to approach the food just in Orgien with packaging more attractive and natural.
Materials: Made with natural papers with food from paper dust.

This project was published on web method case: http://www.themethodcase.com/