Dream Car is a minimal, sustainable and collectible toy for cool boys of all ages – kids, grown men, dads and uncles.

Everyone has their own dream car. It may be a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin, but these symbols restrict imagination. Why can’t a dream car have graffiti on it, or have triangular windows, or even not have any resemblance of a movable vehicle?

Start building your own Dream Car with the interchangeable car bodies, the patented magnetic system and the chalkboard painted finish. Handcrafted from natural walnut, beech and poplar wood, these iconic car bodies are individually handcrafted with utmost care. In any setting, the Dream Car becomes a timeless piece of design object that is appreciated by all. Not only is the heirloom quality passed on from generation to generation, but more importantly, the story is also passed on.

The project was just launched on Kickstarter yesterdy, and it’d be really appreciated if you could spread the word to help bring this project to life! Look forward to hearing back from you.