Hanging from the ceiling
Drifting through the air
Thin boards of wood bended around a hull
A fleet of boats upside-down
In various shapes and sizes
All consist of elegant lines

?Valentin Loellmann`s new lamp collection DRIFT memorizes dreamy sentiments ?lying afloat in the water, drifting at sea or a pattern carved by the wind.

Hull-shaped corpuses – turned upside-down – let a strong, warm light disembark. Planks of oak and ?tropical wood are bended around and interleaved, the inside covered by a thick, white polyester layer. ?The strong keel and streamlined shapes embrace a dynamic momentum against the surroundings.

The intersections of the planks form elegant, fluctuating lines bordered just by the contrasting plain of ?warm light. Wired to the ceiling, the lamps float and slightly drift as if they are carving their nautical ?course into the room.