Lighting is either decorative or functional in any given space. But Doolight continues to integrate and play with dynamic interaction of experience, details, materials, form and light. The Droplet is designed to create new possibilities in a lighting experience. By sharing and combining the unit, the light becomes one source that brings and ties people together. These possibilities combined with the smartphone app means the lights offer a new and exciting user experience.

The Droplet can be placed with no limitations in every corner of your home and used as a portable lamp. The soft bulb is made from silicon, so it is unbreakable, and the fully charged battery allows for up to 3 days use. Five droplets can be placed on the Flower Base, creating a modern take on the chandelier. The flower base acts as the wireless charging station for the five droplets.

The Leaf Base is a wireless charging station for a single droplet, which turns the droplet into a stand lamp. Our mobile app combines a separation and integration interface, creating a new experience for users.