main view
concept rendering
exploding of the parts
detail connector
Detail base
process domanises
process concrete
sketch 1
sketch 2

I received a call from Antonio Cillo, the owner of Black Swan clothing brand, for designing a new clothes rack for his shop in Valencia.
Some extra space was needed in the store for hanging the new collection clothes.
After several design options, we ended up with a modular system made by connected sticks and cone shaped weights.
Brass, solid oak, pine wood board and ceramic are the main materials, they match together in harmony.
Three different craftsmen where called for the manufacture: lathe ceramist for the cone weights, wood lathe carpenter for the sticks and welding craftsman for the brass connectors.
The cone weights where produced by Domanises ceramist, using the traditional handmade ceramic lathe technique. After that the cones where filled up with concrete, in order to get the needed weight for structure stability.
The set can be shaped in unlimited ways and the number of the wooden sticks can be adjusted to the user’s needs. The assembly of the parts is very intuitive and takes only a few minutes.

Model: Rocio Soledad Gonzalez
Photo: kutarq studio