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Dear Mono Loco team,

Allow us, Isabel and Juan Luis, to introduce ourselves and our company, Oli13. After several years as sales, marketing, communication and process reengineering executives in large multinationals, we have created Oli13 in Barcelona.

We are launching the brand with the E.E. Shoes, sneakers named after Grandfather Enrique and which he would certainly wear today, and the Rough Lamp, a lamp we are passionate about; two products selected from our range of products under development.

When we create a product we aim for something which will seem as special and authentic as time goes by as it did on the first day. The durability of the design is crucial and, for this reason, we are very demanding with the lines and how they combine with each other. We take risks with new materials, we supervise production and we propose new processes. There is a story behind each product, it is created for a reason; there is always a reason.

Thank you for your time.

Isabel y Juan Luis