E.T. office entrance wall
office in semi-open mode
interior view of the main office space
enclosed spaces are provided for confidential meetings
technical ceiling and curved glass walls detail
open bar as a alternative working space
curved glass corners as a transition in between open bar and work space
the office in its open communication mode
the space is softened with curved glass and fabric curtains
the open bar

Located in the newly designed Galaxy Soho in central Beijing, the ‘Exotropy Technology Office’ by polish-based studio SPEJS offers an adjustable working space for its employees.
The main aim of our project was to reflect character of E.T. Company, which specializes in developing IT systems. The result is a very modern and spacious interior providing high-level of flexibility between the different areas. A sense of flow is created across the layout of the various functions, and is further enhanced through the use of sliding curtains. The flowing partitions enclose curving glass volumes that are inserted into the open-plan office. This rounded feature enables multiple ways of communicating between employees; in ‘open mode’ they are given the opportunity to freely interact, while in ‘closed mode’ each group has its own private area for working and meetings. The office consists of a conference room, open work space, financier’s room, CEO’s room and a small storage space. The minimal, futuristic-looking space is softened by the curved glass corners and navy blue curtains in the same color as E.T.’s visual identity.