Easter 2013 / Kaleidoscope / ©La Grande Epicerie de Paris - LE BON MARCHÉ


I am responsible for the visual identity of La Grande Epicerie de Paris (Le Bon Marché). I contact you following the publication on your site, of the photographs of Florent Tanet (A colourful winter). I enclosed some pictures of the exhibition.

I wanted to submit to your publication our last project in date: a realization of culinary Design around the chocolates of Easter. Here below the explanatory text:

Easter 2013 / Kaleidoscope

This year once again, La Grande Epicerie de Paris joined Daniel Mercier chocolatier to accomplish a collection of chocolates. The project Entitled Kaleidoscope proposes to revisit in a geometrical and coloured way, three traditional subjects of Easter: Rabbit, Hen, and Fish.

How the idea was born? By what it was inspired?

The design of the chocolates and their production is a process which requires a lot of time. To project it as well as possible in the influences which mark the period of Easter, we collaborated with the office of the style of Bon Marché. That enabled us to release several strong tendencies, which guided our work: Geometrical graph.

We want to create precious objects but also fun, breaking with traditional forms of Easter. Everything is available in limited numbered edition and each topic is handmade by Daniel Mercier chocolatier.

How were chocolates created?

All conception of chocolates was made in-house. To acquire the mould which allowed us to produce chocolates, we realized at first, sketches on paper before giving them form in 3D. This first stage was ended; we undertook the machining of the aluminium matrices before creating moulds by thermoformage. The chocolatier could then cast his chocolate there to give rise to forms. Ultimate stage was the application of colour. For it, subjects were dipped into baths of coloured chocolate. Colours are the fruit of a detailed research intended to acquire the best report between the shade of form and the liquid chocolate.