EASYDiA + EASYoLo are modular chairs and tables for children from 18 months up to 10 years, which offer space to custumisation and are designed under circular economy principles. Based on a structure with patent pendant which grants stability with less material used, EASYDiA + EASYoLo trigger imagination with simple shapes and beautiful colors, both in the Kids version (for children aged 18 months – 4 yrs) and in the Junior one (for 4 – 10 yrs).

EASYDiA+EASYoLo follow the family according to its changing needs, becoming slightly different or totally new products.

Their modular structure stimulate reuse, transformation, customisation and imagination, that adults and children can share: assembling the pieces when they get the pack, customising or replacing modules over time, disassembling their chair or table when no longer needed and giving them a new beginning, making one of our suggested products or invent new ones.

Available in 2 sizes (kids and Junior), 18 models, a three finishings (open pore lacquering, dye effect or natural) they can be customised, both at the beginning mixing modules from the different models available or during their lifespan.

ARCADIA DESIGN embraced the circular economy principles because we believe that objects should never be thrown away, but always transformed. This is possible with EASYDiA+EASYoLo, because they are made to be easily assembled and disassembled, last long, be repaired and modified and are in bio-materials. Because, honestly, design can help the world.

The quality of a product entirely Made in Central Italy and a careful research on sustainability criteria, partly in collaboration with University Milan Bicocca: all solid wood, a limited edition in local chestnut again from Central Italy, to cut transports and support the maintenance of local woods, finishings that are totally water-based, non-toxic and certified for food contact.

Tomato, Firenze, Granny Smith, Amsterdam, …: their names evoke healthy and tasty things and beautiful destinations, because they are for active and curios children – and families.

Our catalogue, modular and in sustainable materials like our products and without the use of glue, has been realized by the creative duo Davide Fiori and Benedetta Lucca, the photographer Francesco Van Straten www.francescovanstraten.com and the packaging company Arti Grafche Paciotti www.artigrafchepaciotti.com.


EASYDiA Kids Firenze è EASYDiA+EASYoLo Junior Terramare Natural. Ph. Sara Mattaioli

EASYDiA Kids Firenze disassembled. Ph. Francesco Van Straten. Art dir Davide Fiori

EASYDiA Kids Tomato. Take the world in your hands. Ph. Sara Mattaioli

REEASY frame, with Emma and Lesmacaronsdenathalie

INSPIREASY a mix of EASYDia + EASYoLo Kids and Junior, regular and limited edition. Ph Francesco Van Straten. Art dir. Davide Fiori

EASYDiA Junior London_detail. All EASYDiA+EASyoLo are 100% solid wood, made in Italy, non-toxic finishings for food contact.

EASYDiA Junior Terramare Natural limited edition in Central Italy chestnut. Open pore laquering + natural. Two versions available.

EASYDiA Kids limited edition in Central Italy chestnut. Sugar, Seagull, Granny Smith.

EASYDiA Kids limited edition Seagull_detail. Central Italy chestnut, dye effect.

PERSONALEASY_a world designed around EASYDiA + EASYoLo

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