Award winning paper clip USB flash drive
IDA Award - Frohne eClip
Golden A'Design Award - Frohne eClip

eClip protects your personal data, intellectual property, employer data, customer data, and trade secrets with security software. eClip features a gold memory connector that is scratch resistant, extreme weather resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant, water resistant, alcohol resistant, and electromagnetic resistant. eClip is also compatible with Mac and PC and is RoHS, FCC, CE certified. eClip functions like a regular paperclip to organize your receipts, bills, money, or other paper items. The eClip USB flash drive is ergonomically designed to be situated in a pocket, necklace, or in a binder folder.
Capacity: 8GB
Dimensions: Length: 61 mm Height: 12.5 mm Width: 2.1 mm