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EcoCool Materials and System Description
EcoCool Family is designed for family of four.

Name: Ardavan Mirhosseini
Email: amirhosseini87@hotmail.com
Title of design: EcoCool
Website: http://ardavanmir.com/EcoCool.html

Product Description
EcoCool is a system designed to filter and re-use the grey water produced in bathrooms. This water passes through two separate filters and can also be used to cool and moisturize the space. After the water makes its way through this system it is now clean enough to grow plants and vegetables.
EcoCool consists of two filters; the first filter is hidden while the second filter is a series of wall tiles that are full of channels filled with sand and marble allowing water to pass through. These wall tiles separate the water into small enough droplets that they can be vaporized into the air, cooling the air and the system in the process. In addition to cooling hot air, EcoCool moisturizes dry air through this process of vaporization.
The maintenance of the plants and soil at the bottom of the tile system makes the consumer more aware of water consumption. This awareness forces the user to consider each time that they turn on the tap, resulting in lower water usage. EcoCool is available in two models based on water consumption; two person and four person occupancy. This unit can be assembled by the consumer.

EcoCool can be used in closed spaces such as apartments, airports, offices etc.

Please let me know if any further information or photos of usage is needed. I’ll be so happy to answer all of your questions.