Each sphere is polished by hand until it is perfect.
The holes in the branch slices create an unique light effect, different for each lamp.
The EDEN logo is made out of aluminium and creates the link between the lamp and the suspension system.
Hanging Gardens.
The construction of EDEN is durable and designed to last generations.
EDEN has been created to show the world that there are plenty of beautiful resources available without having to damage the earth.
From the woods to the city.
All the branches used for EDEN are different types of wood gathered in the Dutch forests.  We only use branches that are found on the ground, given to us by the trees trough storm or disease. Nothing is destroyed and all nature is kept intact.

In our modern economy everything revolves around consumption. Manufacturers are continuously introducing new designs and models to the market that make existing products outdated or unnecessary. This leads to an enormous amount of waste and inflation promoting money traffic.

Therefore I have created Eden, a lamp that is a reaction to this large-scale waste. Eden is fully manufactured by hand and is built from natures waste, unprocessed branches found in the Dutch woods. The branches have been serrated into slices and hollowed out to form the base material of Eden. Each individual slice forms a unique puzzle piece that is eventually pieced together into the beautiful and intricate sphere that is Eden.

Eden is a strong and timeless lamp designed to withstand the test of time. After acquiring Eden she will eternally light up its owner’s life. Eden embodies the earthly paradise where everything is in eternal harmony.