Edge case #01
Edge case #02
Edge case #03
Edge case #04
Edge case #05
Diamond Step #01
Diamond Step #02
Phone Clip #01
Zoomer #01
Zoomer #02

1) Edge case for iPhone 5S

Four spheres at every corner cover iPhone efficiently.
Even you could put your iPhone screen-side on the table without friction.
This case only covers four corners of iPhone and the backside, but it lifts up the iPhone from the ground.

2) Diamond Step for Galaxy s4

Looking gorgeous big diamond design was adopted on the case for Galaxy S4.
Hilarious but beautiful fashion item .

3) Phone Clip

Clip shape of metal stand for mobile phone and business cards.
It makes the interior of your desk luxurious.

4) Zoomer

The silicon for contact-eye-lense was used for magnifier.
Zooming letters, but not fragile. Soft and use like a ring.