front view of the lamp
the lamp suites pretty well to big kitchen tables but also can be use elsewhere
the rigorous lines give the lamp a straight and geometric look
the centre of the construction starts with an octahedron
the space for the fitting is also cut out of the metal sheet
the perforation makes it possible to bend the metal sheet easily and throughs a nice shadow
the light of one single lightbulb gets reflected in the inside of the lamp shade
photo shoot in the studio
the metal sheet gets bended on  an welding table in an old locksmithery
the first models were cut out of cardboard

Dear Team of Mocoloco,

maybe you could have a look at the project which I have developed last year.


Maximilian Löw

„Edged—Lamp“ is a pendant lamp with a span of one meter.

The result of this design is a geometric, industrial-looking lamp, which results from symmetrically arranged surfaces. The construction of the lamp has not only aesthetic aspects, but also offers stability, once all the edges are connected. Before the sheet could be folded and fastened, it was cut with the laser technology. To increase material and production efficiency, the whole lampshade is folded out of a single metal sheet. The perforation allows the bending of the 1mm thick sheet of stainless steel and provides simultaneously a pleasant atmospheric light.