The Eiffel Tower after 10 years

There are a lot of unusual parks in the world, Highline Park in New York City,
Namba parks in Osaka etc. A little bit of nature in a crowded urban place, who wouldn’t want that? That’s what Australia based designer Alex Macbeth thought when he came up with his idea to make a park out of the Eiffel tower in Paris. Alex is very interested in combining architecture with nature. He has been ever since he finished his art study at the University of Melbourne.
And what is a better example of architecture that stands apart from nature than the Eiffel tower.

To make this happen Alex researched the kind of plants that would be able to grow on the Eiffel tower, given that it is a very tall construction.
First was Ivy, Ivy is able to grow at almost every height, it grows fast and it will eventually cover every bit of steel. It blooms in a lot of different colours so it will give a very beautiful image. The Ivy would be placed at the bottom of the
Eiffel tower. There will also be a second and third starting point for the growth of plants, which will be located at the two “balconies“. Maple trees will be planted on the first balcony, they can easily survive in the Parisian
environment. Hazel bushes will be placed there too, to cover the railing.
Those three types will be the base of the Eiffel-park. Every plant or tree that grows on the Eiffel tower will have been genetically looked at to make sure they are suitable for the Eiffel-park. Also, they will be handled periodically with a specially designed fertilizer, which will contain no pathogens and extra urea-formaldehyde to ensure quick and strong growth. These plants and trees will give new opportunities for different plants and trees to grow. Mistletoe for example, normally a parasitical plant, will beautifully grow on the tree trunks. Ferns will make their home in the shades of the bigger trees. There will also be planted different kinds of season flowers and plants throughout the year such as Tulips in the spring an Aster in the fall. Besides those season flowers the Eiffel tower its ecosystem will be left alone so that after 20 years the structure would be almost unrecognizable. Nature taking back what is hers it will be a beautiful process.