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The birth of CNC and Rapid Prototyping has in recent years contributed to a fall in the amount of traditional processes used in modern design. The drive for cheaper and cheaper mass produced parts and security in numerical operated machines has left skilled craftsmen fighting to keep their professions alive. Vitamin’s Element Vessel range explores mixing both traditional and modern processes showing that they can be used together in contemporary design.

The Limited edition objects have three variations of base. Around this base the owner can arrange and build their own shape using the many variations of ring made from the numerous material options. This unique purchase method does not only encourage owner interaction, but also ensures truly limited editions. Once a combination has been sold ten times, it will never be sold in this configuration again.

The rings are available in wide range of materials, including: Rose gold, Amber Gold, Silver, Polished Steel, Glass, Ceramic, Marble, Granite, American Black Walnut, Maple, American White Oak, Rapid Prototype and Cork.

Modern processes include: Computer Numerical Control, otherwise known as CNC and Rapid Prototyping. Traditional processes include: Wood turning, Glass blowing, Metal turning, Metal Plating and Glass Cutting.