Nesting bins shown in minimal white, vivid orange, and whale grey
Nesting bins
Bins have a flexible nature, and objects placed within define their overall shape
Bins are available in a variety of sizes
Bin with handles
Elemental products are incredibly lightweight, yet they are strong and sturdy
Bins are great for storing pillows, throws, books, magazines, and everyday clutter
Elemental products fold flat to just the thickness of a magazine.
Bags are available in a variety of sizes
Aerial view of bags

Elemental is a collection of bins and bags created from an innovative technical material that is extremely lightweight, strong, tear and water-resistant. Colours include Minimal White, Vivid Orange, and Whale Grey.

Elemental is proudly made in Canada. Elemental is made from part recycled content and is recyclable. All products fold flat to the thickness of a magazine, a compact size useful for shipping and storage.

Bins are both beautiful home accessories and clever storage containers that store everyday items and keep clutter hidden.
They are ideal for storing pillows, blankets and toys and are available in a variety of sizes.

Elemental bags are wonderful carrying and home storage totes. Beautiful and practical. Bags are smooth and supple to the touch. Creasing is a natural part of the material, making each bag truly unique.