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« as a smooth cocoon floating between earth and sky »
« It all started when Flown offered me to work on a panel made out of resin, formerly used to cover the inside of a long
distance plane. This panel is a very special recognizable piece of material, curved, with windows through we so many time admired the earth from the sky perspective. Plane brings magical and mysterious feelings…
Therefore, the idea was to take this plane panel as raw material, and to use it to create a new product.
In planes, it is used in a very repetitive way and appears as a sequence. Hence it was logical to use this repetition as an
inspiration to create the future product.
While thinking about it’s original use, it was obvious for me to interpret this panel as something to be seated next to. That is how I came to imagine a concept of an evolutive seat, the plane panel being the central piece of the system. Indeed it is an open concept of seats, it can evolve from a single easy chair to a meridienne, a sofa or even a complete entrance hall or airport hall composition. The design offers thus a very wide perspective of composition.
The shape of the chair has been designed around this very rich and evocative plane piece which creates a kind of micro architecture inside our interiors. The chair is based on the contrast between the outside made out of the panel -strong, smooth, and colorful- and the inside – made of soft and comfortable Kvadrat textile offering a warm and muffle atmosphere. Once hitched together the two parts are heightened on feet in order to keep the very light aspect of the chair. »