Unlike the existing conventional bathhouse, this architecture fosters people to touch and experience the existing outstanding natural beauty in a direct way, with exposed every bath space towards the lake, Lagoa Comprida, which is one of the most precious and dominant natural elements at this site. The goal for this project is to create a condition that stimulates people to enjoy and celebrate the landscape as it is as much as possible.

This project highlights a variety of human experiences through vision, air, wind, and the sun.

(1) Vision: water spaces open up the thrilling view of the lake, Lagoa Comprida. Vertical glass windows from the roof also creates reflection of the lake, so that visitors could feel they are bathing inside of the lake. The lake is embraced visually.

(2) Air: visitors experience unusual water space through totally exposed bath space outside. Connected bath spaces outside create unexpected different physical conditions in temperature so that it allows visitors to have unique sensual experiences in this architecture.

(3) Wind: bath space facing to the western direction makes visitors experience the wind from the west that is the dominant wind in this site.

(4) Sun: Continual change of the shading generated by pitched roof offers different exciting spatial moments to visitors throughout the day.


Site Perspective

Site Plan

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Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

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Perspective - Bath

Perspective - Lobby