Davide Conti Emma modular bockcase

“Emma” is a collection of modular bookcases: it is a synthesis of various concepts applied to a single accessory. The books are placed into the recesses
and they deliberately pop out, as if they reached out for the reader, silently inviting to reading, which nowadays seems to be kind of oldfashioned and
far from people’s habits.
This concept helped reduce the bookcase’s depth, making it easy to be placed into small environments. “Emma’s” beauty, other than in its contemporary style,
lays into its versatility and in the modular compositions that can be created depending on different tastes.
Its image can be transformed at will by joining different modules, or simply by alternating the back panel’s colour.
Mainly conceived as a bookcase, “Emma” can also be a light spot on the wall, therefore amplifying and difersifying its functional features.
It is entirely made with white or charcoal varnished mdf, and the panels are also available in plexiglas in order to enhance the light spot effect.
The collection includes three models: “Emma small”, “Emma move” and “Emma long”.The “Emma” collection is produced by Inventalegno s.n.c. in Genoa, Italy.