Edge and Multicanale

Once again Emo design wins the prestigious iF Product Design Award 2012, one of the most important recognitions for product design in the world. Emo design has been selected winner in the “buildings” section with the projects Edge and Multicanale within 4,322 projescts from 48 countries. The award ceremony will take place on the 10th of February 2012 at the BMW World in Munich.

The studio, in the previous year had been awarded with the same prize presenting the stove Toba by MCZ. This year submitted to the jury of experts Edge and Multicanale, the family of transmitters for automation designed to transform the brand Telcoma, a branch of Gruppo Riello Elettronica. The two transmitters communicate innovation, quality and durability thanks to the choice of materials and attention to functionality and ergonomics. These products demonstrate not only a rebranding but also a pleasing design that fits seamlessly into the users everyday life.

With Edge and Multicanale, Emo design has once again denmostrated their ability to combine pragmatic profesionalism and precision to create projects that completely satisfy the market’s needs.

A Brand Revolution

The gate remote control Edge is an accessory that can be worn and shown in various environments and as a car keychain, it becomes the essence of a brand. Its cromatic mood, shape details and materials all contrbute to this carefully calibrated design.

The middle edge detail, which crosses the keyboard, gives the object light reflections that are characteristic of a jewel and at the same time, thanks to its soft-touch rubber surface, communicates great strength.

The glossy side, in contrast to the pragmatic soft touch surface become the perfect element to communicate the reliability of Telcoma products. Edge boosts the importance of style in an object that lives with us throughout the whole day.

Material: Polycarbonate, ABS
Typology: Gate remote control
Dimensions: L 60 x W 20 x H 80 mm
Producer: Telcoma – Gruppo Riello Elettronica
Year: 2010

The maximum with minimum

Technically this remote control is quite simple. It has to be capable to control many channels of home automations. Elegant yet pragmatic and without frills. A precious tool emphasizing reliability and sincerity to the user while showing the real expertise of Telcoma automations.

The product has been “dematerialized” with a shallow but measurable reduction of environmental impact. The components have been reduced by avoiding the use of an extra polycarbonate cover for the expected display and using a traditional dual digit LED display glowing trough the main case of the body. This is a basic technology that completely satisfy the principal user need to know the number of the channels and if treated in a contemporary way it becomes extremely attractive.

Multicanale can also be disassembled (DFD). Unscrewing the case the parts are falling apart: the case, the rubber keys and the electronic board are then ready for the best dismission process of the region.

Materials: polycarbonate, ABS
Typology: multichannel remote control
Dimensions: L 41 x W 19 x H 116 mm
Producer: Telcoma – Gruppo Riello Elettronica
Year: 2011