Enso lamp

This year, at 100% Design in London, Laokoon Co. presented its first design object to the press, professionals and the general public: the Enso lamp, the first manifestation of Laokoon’s unlimited potential. During the exhibition it had already won an award in category “Emerging Brands” selected by MIX magazine.

The lamp demonstrates and focuses your attention on the unique and infinite characteristics and dramatic visual world of Laokoon. Not only does its appearance make the Enso lamp resemble an organic creature, it comes alive as one starts transforming its shape.

It reminds us that well-designed objects have their own independent life reactive to what we as creators and reflectors can see in them. This is a nexus between material and organic entity. Here, the object and the physical world interact, making both a visual and tactile connection through the mystery of touch and form.

This year Enso makes its debut with five different colour palettes each of them offering millions of depths. The interior glass case housing the light source has been designed to provide the owner the most freedom to transform the lamp shade. You have the feeling of not owning a single lamp but owning hundreds of objects with endless shapes and forms hidden in one single body.